Maximum safety, optimum operation. It operates as an ergonomic slide on the bolt shroud.

Sauer 101 Review

Operation is effected instinctively and silently. The patented EVER REST concept turns the symbiosis of ultra robust bedding and maximum decoupling of barrel and receiver into reality— which has been considered impossible up to now. This provides precision both even under the most extreme climatic conditions and after several thousand rounds. Every barrel is cold-hammer forged and thus a guarantor for our precision of less than one MOA approx.

Thanks to its extra wide, Match-rifle-shaped trigger blade the single-stage trigger provides premium-class shooting comfort. Trigger weight: g 2lb. Character: crisp. About Sauer.

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Ladies MacNab Challenge. Sauer Classic. Stilvoll Klassisch. Nussbaum Holzschaft. Simply safe. Maximum precision. Quality Made in Germany. Cold-hammer forged precision barrel for guaranteed accuracy. Crisp single-stage trigger. Technische Daten. S Classic. Standard: ca. Magnum: ca. Standard: 1. Jetzt bestellen. S GTI. S Artemis. S Select. S Forest. S Forest XT. S Highland XTC. S Classic XT.

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S Classic XTA. Online-Angebote gefunden. Mehr anzeigen.Technology combined with German reliability and accuracy. A perfectly balanced rifle with a carbon fiber stock and a fluted barrel with threaded muzzle for suppressor mounting, that sets a new in-house weight record: the new Sauer Highland XTC rifle by J.

The bolt is also fluted to reduce weight. Stock is hand-laid. All other features are typical of the renowned S series. The goal that J. In the end, the result was achieved: the. It was possible to go even further, but as Sauer CEO Matthias Klotz says: "We didn't want to make the rifle any lighter, because in the end, balance and shooting comfort must also be in line with each other.

In addition, we invested in the surface finishing of barrel and receiver and brought a technology to series production that outshines everything else". It involves bombarding the steel with carbon atoms in a high vacuum under plasma: the energy released causes the carbon to turn into an infinitesimally thin, diamond-like coating.

The new Sauer S Highland XTC will be available from mid-March in all calibers of the S series and, depending on the caliber, in barrel lengths from 18 to 24 inches 47 to 62 cm. Just before Christmas, J.

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Find out his first impressions here. Sauer Highland XTC in. Manufacturer: J. Subscribe to the Newsletter. RU IT. Sauer Bolt-action rifles Hunting Rifles Rifles. This advertising is hidden because a third party Revive AdServer could potentially collect personal data. Show once. Show advertising permanently.

sauer 101

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Available calibers:.Sorry, we don't carry that brand. In an effort to keep our team members and community healthy, we will be closing the EuroOptic Retail Showroom until further notice. All other operations, including telephone, email, and chat support will continue as normal.

The Sauer offers the user the simplest bolt action rifle in the Sauer line up. It is an elegant piece of machinery for hunters that demand precision with every shot. The smooth action of the bolt will allow for quick and quiet extraction and chambering of your ammunition.

The beautiful woods and durable synthetic stock options along with the meticulous machining create a rifle that in not only accurate, but a work of art.

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sauer 101

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Nighthawk Pistols Uberti Revolvers. Shop All Featured Pistol Accessories. Shop All Featured Shotguns.Sauer can be easily called a byword of quality. Their hunting carbines, S semiautomatic and S repeater are some of the best models available anywhere. This is how the hunting carbine Sauer was created, keeping all the characteristics that made the company such a highly respected brand.

It provides a tight shot grouping both when hunting and during competition shooting. The rifle can come both with and without iron sights. The barrel is heat pressed into the receiver, meaning they are fused together, making it very difficult to replace the barrel. The rifle comes in a variety of calibers, standard: Rem. Standard calibers have a 22 inches long barrel, while magnums require Sharp wide extractor and two round spring ejectors guarantee safe removal of empty casings.

Wide side opening on the receiver serves to evacuate hot gunpowder gas in the case of burst primer and casing breach.

Sauer S 101 Classic XT .308

New Dura Safe safety system lock is completely silent. It has a button and a lever, ensuring the lever cannot be pushed accidentally.

The silent operation of the lock allow you to keep the rifle in the safe mode right up to the moment you need to fire it.

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Top part of the receiver can take Remington long rail scopes, making mounting of optical scope much cheaper. Sauer designers decided to use factory adjusted firing mechanism, with 2 pound trigger with no creep or overtravel.

Ever Rest combines ultra-solid stable bedding with maximum isolation of stock from the receiver and the barrel. He claims that not even multi-year use of the rifle with constant weather changes will not disrupt the bedding and that accuracy will remain reliable no matter how much you use it. The system of match grade barrel, Ever Rest bedding and excellent stock has shown unchanged accuracy even in harshest tests.

The accuracy is easily a match for the more expensive Sauer Ergonomic properties of the stock were really taken into consideration. Shape of the stock, its weight distribution and the pistol grip have reduced the recoil immensely. That the stock is ambidextrous goes almost without saying. It does not slip and adds to the smooth feeling of the weapon. Although the magazine is separate, it is possible to reload it through the rifle, when the magazine is in the rifle and the bolt is in the rearmost position.

The magazine is made of indestructible polymer and holds five standard or four magnum rounds.


One round more than similar rifles. Magazine catch is just in front of it, like in other Sauer carbines. When you press that button, the magazine drops safely into your palm. It is a tried and true solution. S both meets and exceeds the standards set up by the Sauer company, excellent quality rifle with perfect bluing, well designed safety and with smooth lever action and trigger mechanism.

G Sauer Hunting Rifle S. Sauer Carbine. Manufacturer: Sauer. Savage 10T-SR 6. About State of Guns We love guns, cherish rifles, play with knives and study weapons. Help yourself to some detailed info. All rights reserved. Terms and Conditions of Use and Privacy Policy.No longer are we happy with shooting an inch and a half with our lightweight hunting rifle. We as consumers demand neat clustering groups and sub-MOA guarantees. Production streamlining and cost-cutting has led to frustrating sacrifices in design quality.

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Of course, it does mean rifles arrive on the market at a more affordable level, but sometimes this drive to steal pound coins from production costs leaves rifles in an almost unfinished state. I am always eager to see what steps a manufacturer has taken to introduce a cheaper model to its catalogue. This is especially true of a rifle maker like Sauer, which has successfully supplied to hunters the world over its famous Sauer This year it launched the little brother to theand its position in the market puts it in the direct firing line of some big contenders.

By the time the arrived at my door, I had already watched the YouTube commercials and read the technical details of how the rifle was put together. As I have already said, most rifles these days will shoot sub-MOA given the right ammo. To be impressed with how a rifle shoots, it really does have to perform. I had already been told that the was not fussy with its lead and copper diet, shooting almost anything at an acceptable level.

sauer 101

After a thorough clean, the was ready for the range. I warmed it up with some grain Federals, which immediately grouped just over an inch.

The next three shots tucked under the inch mark at yards. Hornady Custom grain produced almost identical results, with the grain Geco mirroring the results. I wanted to burn a bit more powder to get a good feel for the rifle. This turned me on to the grain Geco ammo that I had in abundance. Ditching the bipod for my roe sack, I slammed a six-shot string down range at the only clean target left. The results were impressive: five shots had cut each other across one ragged hole, with a sixth landing just outside.

These results extended out to yards as well, with a group just pushing the 3 inch mark. With its accuracy accounted for, the rifle itself is fairly good looking. It had a nice feel to it, though the pistol grip was a little too generously swelled for my hands. The woodwork was nicely finished, although I am not a big fan of the high gloss coat.

sauer 101

The metal work was also completed in a satisfying matte blue. Those familiar with the will notice that the yields a different design, with the characteristic visible chassis absent in the This rifle is not a switch barrel, like its predecessor, but fixed. Sauer opted for a non-threaded, heat shrunk, barrel to receiver fitting. The tell-tale sign of this is where the barrel meets the receiver, showing a visible locating pin that controls depth and rotational correction on fitting.

This is an interesting method, following Mannlicher in building rifles without threading the receiver although the application is different. It is an efficient and cost effective way of producing rifles — though re-barrelling is more time consuming.The current rifle craze of which a manufacturer can do the most for the least, is still very much in season.

During the last year, we've seen solid contributions from most of the American manufacturers and a few quality submissions from our European cousins. One in particular that sticks out is the Sauer The Sauer rifle has been available for about a year and is one of the best so-called "value rifles" on the market, foreign or domestic. However, it is by far the most sophisticated rifle in this category.

European rifles occasionally struggle in the American market because they do things differently on the other side of the pond. For instance, where Americans like the idea of being able to rebarrel their rifles, many European companies don't allow that. A common manufacturing process in Europe is to heat the receiver and press-fit the barrel in place.

This makes for a very solid lock-up between barrel and receiver but also means the local gunsmith cannot put a new barrel on that rifle. The Sauer steps away from the traditional European model in favor of the American method.

Its barrel is screwed and torqued into the receiver just like we prefer. However, Sauer isn't content to just do what everyone over here does, either. Sauer's receiver doesn't have the lug abutments what the bolt lugs seat against cut into the receiver like almost every American action. Sauer cuts a recess in the receiver and then puts a breech ring in place.

The bolt lugs sit against this breech ring when the action is closed and the front of the breech ring acts as an index point for the barrel. Breech rings are an emerging trend in bolt-action rifles and their popularity will only increase because the advantages they offer both shooter and manufacturer are too compelling to ignore.

Let me explain. Traditional bolt-action manufacturing takes a large cylindrical piece of steel and cuts the lug abutments into the front of it internally. Once the barrel is threaded into place, the bolt lugs sit on the abutments to lock the action closed so the rifle can safely fire.

Because the action is so large, there are wide variations on where those lug abutments actually wind up. Actions made this way need someone trained in headspacing a rifle to get the barrel in the right position. A breech ring is a small part that uses very rigid tooling, so each one is identical usually to within. Once the breech ring is inside the receiver, the barrel can just be screwed into the receiver until it touches the breech ring and headspace will be correct.

The front of the breech ring gives the barrel a known stopping point in relation to the lug abutments to ensure headpsace is the same every time. No hand fitting is necessary. The savings on assembly time and reduced scrap rate guarantee breech rings will be the future of bolt-action rifles.

Breech rings represent a more sophisticated form of manufacturing that is a tad more expensive, but the savings on assembly time and reduced scrap rate guarantee breech rings will be the future of bolt-action rifles.

Sauer is the first one to do it on their budget rifle. The Sauer uses a three-lug action that's paired with a double-stack detachable box magazine. This is my favorite arrangement for any bolt-action rifle.

The three-lug bolt is designed to such close tolerances with the receiver that no lug raceways are used. Three-lug actions have a short degree throw, which makes for a fast-cycling action. That's a nice feature but it's mostly just a convenience thing. I like three-lug actions because they usually have a lug at the 6-o'clock position when the action is open. That puts a whole lot of bolt face material right behind the magazine.Offer valid through December 31st, For more information, Click Here.

Sauer Rifle is the newest yardstick in the bolt-action rifle lineup. It brings to the user the most hassle-free bolt action rifle from the house of Sauer in the form of an elegant piece of machinery. Each Sauer rifle is made for hunters who wish to settle with nothing but accuracy and precision with every shot.

In the offing is a smooth action of the bolt that will facilitate fast and noise-free extraction and chambering of the ammunition. Other features include beautiful wood and durable synthetic stock options, and meticulous machining. Sauer Classic Rifles. Sauer Classic XT Rifles. Sauer Silver XT. Sauer Forest XT Rifles. Sauer Forest Rifles. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 products for Sauer Rifles Reset. Sauer Classic XT. Sauer Classic 8x57IS Rifle.

Sauer Classic. Sauer Classic 9. Sauer Classic XT 9. Sauer Classic XT 7x Sauer Forest XT Winchester. Sauer Forest XT. Sauer Forest 8x57IS. Sauer Forest XT 9. Thank you. Visit scopelist to learn more. Restrictions and conditions apply. Bushnell Nitro Closeouts! More Sauer Rifles. Sauer Rifles Sauer Rifle is the newest yardstick in the bolt-action rifle lineup. Sub Categories Sauer Classic Rifles.

Best Selling Sauer Rifles 24 products. Filter Sort. Showing 1 - 15 of 24 products for Sauer Rifles.

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